Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Please don't tap the tank

This is my new motto. Unless you played a part in conception - consider it rude to ever touch a belly that isn't yours.

That being said - yesterday we had our first meeting with one of the midwives. I am really happy we made this decision. I love that we get to come home and recover hours after the birth. I love that our birth assistant will come to our home at 36 weeks to check our home and see how i'm doing. I love that she'll come back after the birth and that our midwife will stop by the house and check us out as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The only thing i didn't LOVE was being scared half to death that i might not be able to deliver at the birth center due to the placement of my uterus. In case of post-partum hemorrhaging they need to be able to vigorously massage the uterus. Thankfully its ok - but it is something that they will need to reassess at each appt. But I have confidence. We have worked too damn hard for this for it to fall apart now.

Bradley classes are cool - just had week 2 and am still happy with the 'investment'. If only for the relaxation stuff that peter and i are learning.

I'm still trying not to complain, cause this has been the best text-book pregnancy ever, but but but...HATE THIS COLD / or these allergies / or the hormones drying out my nose. But ~ again ~ not complaining. Really...I promise...

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