Monday, September 29, 2008

The dress...

So the saga continues. I have ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSloads of work to do, but funcationally can't do a thing till all the data is pulled. I never thought i'd say this, but i need 2 computers.

Anyhooo - in my 'spare' time today i did the "skirt" part of my dress. I was terrified of sewing the netting. I'm talking straight beads of sweat running down my body. Not only was the material more expensive than i had reallyl wanted to spend, but MY GOD its netting. Somehow I just never thought it would be possible to seam together even quasi nicely.

Well i must say - i don't suck. I used approx two yards and did a simple 'gathering' stich on the top seam (yes thats the technical term). Then put it on elastic, pulling it tight the entire time. Well it WORKED!

So now i'm playing with the shapes of the dress, as the original -- though cute, doesn't exactly work for my body. I *think* i have it, but we'll see in a few days time.

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