Thursday, September 18, 2008

In search of the perfect dress

So Mr A. and I have PLENTY of weddings to go to over the next few months. I'm usually in favor of skipping weddings, but one is at a cool location ~ another is unskippable ~ one we have to go to if we go to another and the other just promises more fun than perhaps the rest.

So being somewhere in between "normal" and plus size i'm limited to my choices of dresses that even fit. Put a budget on top of it ~ add my style preferences and welll ummm...there's not much left.

The first one is acceptable & inexpensive. The second is my ideal if i had money to burn and weighed 40lbs.

Sooo I'm doing what any reasonable person would. Give up and make my own! (no worries, i bought the black&white one just in case)

This was my inspiration:
but again too expensive, not my size and not colorful enough for me to really splurge, but i liked the neckline, the overlay and the general idea.

So armed with fabric and a dream ~ i'm off.

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