Friday, September 12, 2008

I knew this day would come

but somehow i had tricked myself into believing that i was a better parent than that.


It sorta came out of the blue. The first time i heard it it tilted my head and sorta thought "hmmm was that what i thought it was??" The next time it was clear and i sorta giggled. With each passing hour the strength of this word grew as lil G realized its full potential and i even heard about it when we picked her up from daycare. In less 24 hours it went from cute lil 'beaker beaker' noises to a full blown ~ the devil may have possessed me



Scout798 said...

WHAT DID SHE SAY!??! What was it?!

~jenn said...

your as bad as my mom.


perhaps you didn't get the extended version

get it ;)

yuj said...


omg i can totally see her doing it, too, with the head shake and the flailing limbs... VIDEO. Stat.

xo, auntie yuj (who will find it ridiculously cute because i don't have to hear it every time i try to change her) hee!!