Monday, March 23, 2009


So apparently ALL we ever eat in this house is chicken. Or at least that's the world according to G. Occasionally she'll break out a "fisssshhh" in her vocab, but for the most part its "kickin" ("chicken").

Though she does / did know eggs well. She LOVES her morning eggs. However after the latest trip to the farm and picking up the eggs FROM the chickens. The girl is thoroughly confused. Now EVERYTHING is chicken and last night we got in a debate (yes I debate with a child who's not yet two) over chickens vs. eggs.

Ultimately she won.


yuj said...

HA! love it. existential debates at 22 months. :)

yuj said...

ok to be nerdy -- there was a contracts case we read where the judge had fun with the issue -- excerpts from the opinion (although i'm sure you won't find this nearly as funny as me):

The issue is, what is chicken? Plaintiff says 'chicken' means a young chicken, suitable for broiling and frying. Defendant says 'chicken' means any bird of that genus that meets contract specifications on weight and quality, including what it calls 'stewing chicken' and plaintiff pejoratively terms 'fowl'. Dictionaries give both meanings, as well as some others not relevant here.