Friday, March 20, 2009

Could it be???

I can't believe that I almost let March slip away from me. 2 months and I've already forgotten my new years resolution?!?! Bad Jenn!

Anyhoo, thanks to a great e-mail i recieved this morning I think I have a plan. We're going to visit our farm!!! (and by our, I mean someone else's entirely) We're part of a CSA for the summer and will be getting our veggies, fruits and some eggs from them on a weekly basis.

I just got an e-mail inviting us out to check out OUR chickens laying eggs (and get a free dozen) see the 40,000 growing seedlings in the greenhouse, get a tour, take a hike, collect eggs and if you really want ~ drive posts into the ground for a new hoophouse, or help pick up their new crop of rocks :)

I've got to be back in town for a BIG photo shoot, but how can we pass this up?!!?

(can you tell i'm excited??)

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