Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So March 20th not only marks the birth of a lil sis but the FIRST DAY of SPRING!

With each passing equinox and solstice Pete-a-lee and I seem to celebrate each more and more. Perhaps its because we love to cook and planning a theme dinner is acutally a lot of fun for us ~ perhaps its because we like organics and in paying more attention to what we eat, we're thankful for new seasons & tastes as they arrive ~ perhaps its because like any holiday its less about what someone else says it is and more about what you make of it.

Either way ~ spring rocks!

While P was up getting the grill going, G & I made a new wreath for the front door. Sans picture, it has beautiful spring themed blossoms and 3 eggs tucked warmly inside the vine. Then for dinner we had grilled lamb & asparagus with a salad complete with flower blossoms and poppyseed dressing. Desert was a cupcake for G (i love that after then intial bite of icing ~ she flipped it over and only ate 1/2 of the cake.) And P and I had a rhubard & stawberry tart (almost glueten free - we ran out of almond meal)

After dinner we pulled out my favorite flower pot (mothers day gift from G last year) and planted some cat grass. Apparently its supposed to sprout in 3-5 days, but ummm that was fri and we ain't seen nuttin yet.

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