Thursday, July 09, 2009

Art-O-Matic Ends....

Ahhhh it is with a happy heart that I report art-o-matic has come to an end. For those of you not in the know...Art-o-Matic is a HUUUUGE annual art show in DC. For years Pete-a-lee's band has played there and I've always said to myself 'you should do something.'

and this year i DID!

I combined two of my loves ~ natural childbirth & photography and did an installation called: Homemade ~ Homegrown ~ Homebirth
One of my favorite things to do at the show was to sit along the back window of the building and watch people pass my site. It was a rare treat when one of those people happened to be pregnant. I specifically wish I had my camera for this one couple. She was completely turned off and her body langauge could not have screamed 'UNCOMFORTABLE!' any louder than it did ~ while her partner/husband leeeeeaned in as far as he could to examine every detail and read each and every quote posted. He wanted to discuss and she wanted to run. and it was something i chose that made them feel THESE emotions. it was quite a kick.

Of course I was called 'creepy' and people pulled away in fear or disgust, but I will treasure soo much more than that.

"This is amazingly beautiful. I pray for strength when my day comes"

"Your work is truly inspirational. Such a wonderful and beautiful part of life"

"Thanks for these beautiful pictures. We need more images of strong women giving birth naturally. I'm getting ready for a home birth in a few months from now - Can't WAIT!"

"I am a young women not yet ready to be a mother, but am very interested in a peaceful natural birth in the future. Thanks you for sharing these experiences & meaningful quotes."

"Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for capturing the beauty of natural childbirth"

"Beautiful Photos - from a mother, home-birther, prenatal yoga teacher & doula"

"Your a feminist!"
-- yea i think that's a compliment :)

"Thank-you so much for showing this to the world. More women need to know how wonderful this natural process is. You are such an inspiration! -- mother of two while gave natural childbirth

"Snacks is lovely. Thanks for sharing."

"Feet is really powerful"

"I like the one called life. Unlike the like people have created. It's real."

"Childbirth portrayed wonderfully."

"Amazing. Beautiful. Empowering."

"I want this so much I'll even marry the wrong person for it. Is that wrong"
-- umm yes.

"Hooray for Homebirths!!!"

"You've made me so proud. Love Mom"
-- yea that's a fav

"I LLLOve it! Proud breastfeeding Mom"
-- hee hee LLL

"I am 5 mos and this has inspired me to enjoy the moment, to 'exist' in a miracle. Thank you for sharing"

So was it worth all the time, $$$, & effort?



trinitylou said...

Wonderful job, mama!

(And yes, feminist is a compliment!)

yuj said...

SO SAD i missed it -- i'm so proud of you!!!

(ps, love the new blog layout :) )

Laurie said...

Oh I love this! I wish I could have seen the whole thing. How wonderful to have shared it with people like that.