Sunday, July 19, 2009

I go boogie boardin

We're BA-ACK.

Ahh what a wonderful vacation! This year was sooo much fun. I learned the blessing of a lil thing called a crock-pot and really relished in the 'I have a husband who can do things too' part of vacationing this year. It kinda makes me wonder what the heck i've been stressing out over the past few years. BUT ~ i guess like everything this is a learning curve and just when i think i have it...we'll add something else to the mix & make it complicated again :)

Favorite Quotes from G
"Look mommy BROCCOLI!! Ohhh broccoli ~ MORE Broccoli" - those would be a different kinda tree they have in the south.

Close G - those are just boats. There isn't any water under them yet.

"MommyDaddy, daddymommmy when i boogeyboarding i keick my feets"

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