Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ever get something in your head that you just can't get out. Set you mind on something you want to do and can't focus on anything else.

Peter and I are there. I guess you could group everything into 1 category 'yuppie-dom', but i prefer to think of each entity seperately, and alone. Makes me feel less selfish and guilty.

1. A new car - done! We've been talking and talking for months and months. The plan was to wait until this summer and buy get something then. However wouldn't you know it - this Explorer LEASE deal came along that seemed too good to be true. Well it pretty much was an awesome deal, so we have accomplished 1 out of 3.

2. A HOUSE. Note that i did not say a home. We have a lovely home. My mom has the greatest pillow that says "home is where your honey is." We couldn't agree more. But screw that - we want a HOUSE. A backyard, a porch, stairs, somewhere to grow herbs and veggies and flowers, a lawn to cut. We want it all, and we want it NOW.

3. A baby. Now some of us are more anxious than others. Well thats not entirely true, but it typically feels that way. One of us was more anxious 6 months ago, and now the tables have turned. Either way - this too falls in this category of things we don't have that we obsesss over on a daily basis.

4. My personal obsession...a new job / career / paying focus on life. Daily i am frustrated for what a moron the people I work with think I am. Why can't they just understand that i no longer care...appathay is so much different for crap work, than the incapacity to do it! H.e.l.l.o! The problem is -i really don't have to work that hard on a regular basis. I get to work from home a lot, and on the road. So through interviewing, i've learned that i am quite spoiled. Which doesn't help when your at a cross-roads and want to make a change. Bummer

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