Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Pressure Batman

So last night - i think i may have over-done my yoga'ing. Well, perhaps not 'overdone'. Perhaps I've done exactly what i should be doing, but just don't like it.

Somewhere between the bazillion swats i did and the other hip opening postures I think that i've just dropped, well rather ~ baby Taurus has just dropped. Yes, yes, yes ~ I KNOW technically it isn't something that happens immediately, but try telling that to my body. All i know is that when i went to yoga i felt ok. When i left i felt like crap. (Its like I've been doing a spilt for 3 days then immediately got up and tried to run.)

Now I'm actually trying to think of another option instead of just getting up and walking to the bathroom.

Estimated time left:
5 weeks 4 days = 38 days = 912 hours = 54,720 minutes

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