Monday, April 02, 2007

Types of boobs

So typically when one thinks of having babies, at some point one beings to think of boobs.

From the days of conception, sore boobs in the first trimester, big boobs in the third, to ginormous feeding vessels after the baby is born.

However - there is also a rarely discussed species of boob out there that most don't dare discuss. Its in Webster's dictionary as "She who lacks faith in her family and friends, and continuously throws pity parties for herself. See also ~ Jenn"
This rare variety of "boob" was spotted at her SURPRISE baby shower this past Saturday. For MONTHS Yujin among other friends and family have been watching me suffer at the idea of just not being loved enough and trying my best not to be/act selfishly. But man it has not been an easy road, and man is it embarrassing when you confide (constantly) in your best friends.
Alas, under the guise of getting pictures taken on the mall during the cherry blossom festival, i was (thankfully) all cute and spiffed up. Becky had told me a few days prior that the decorations were still up from Yuj's surprise birthday party, so i didn't suspect anything immediately when i walked into their appt. BUT something did catch in the corner of my eye. People - lots of People, and they were people that didn't belong in this space. I was very confused and then got the big "surprise!"
I couldn't believe it. My best friends from DC, my family from Pittsburgh and Peter's from CT. ALL here. FOR ME (oh and that baby of course). Finally i could STOP worrying about not having ANYTHING and i could feel a little better about why Peter was sooooooooo pase about the NEED to go shopping. (doesn't he love me, doesn't he love this baby?)

Its great to be LOVED...even if you are a boob of course.

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