Friday, April 27, 2007

Bigger is better?!?!?

How come everything i read says that "by this point your weight gain and belly growth should have reached its peak" LIARS! Last week alone i gained 3 lbs and i OBVIOUSLY am getting bigger. Thankfully, i'm dropping. I still don't think the pics show it, but trust me...the view from above says otherwise.

The the yellow pic is 33w7d and brown pic is last night 37w6d. Ok, now that i write it out - i feel silly as its been 4 weeks. Man does time fly by when your havin fun.


tifferosu said...

Hey Momma!! I haven't seen you in forever! I can't believe you are about to pop. I was talking to Beckey a couple of weeks ago and she was talking about how "I'm going to be busy because I have to go to Jenns shower". I was shocked, and so happy for you. Congrats!

tifferosu said...

Oops...forgot to leave my name...

It's Tiffany