Thursday, November 20, 2008

another lactivist...

So Peter and I have often thought that there was a difference among G and her daycare peers. Specifically i'm talking about head size.

When G was born her head was pretty normal size. In her following pediatrician appts it was clear that she was not following the normal head curve progression. There were a few days i was concerned ~ but after a few more appointments we were assured that her noggin was indeed growing, just on its own curve. Although we never stopped noticing just how LARGE some kids heads were growing. I had come to think it was the norm for babies to have ginormous noggins, but had to admit, i thought G's proportional body was far cuter. But i'm her mom ~ thats my job.

Yesterday I was talking with a fellow BF'ing mom who was complaining about how her pedi is giving her crap as well and mentioned her lil girls head size too. I told her our lil observation and was met with a loud "YESSSSSS ~ I TOTALLY AGREE".

Now while i have no idea if this is just the I-Hate-Formula-Companies in me talking or if there is real information to support my theory ~ i did come across this article. In China 2004 ~ some no-nutritional content formula got out and...
Up to 200 babies who were fed the formula developed what doctors called “big head disease,” causing the infants’ heads to grow abnormally large while their bodies wasted away. Some babies died within three days of being fed the formula, while others were hospitalized after parents discovered their children were sick.

Sooooo who's to say some ingredient in 'nutritional' formula isn't the same as what was in this not-so-nutritional one. I think i'm onto something.

Just please don't tell Similac where i live. I don't trust em. :)

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