Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love my beautiful ordinary life

So i was teasing myself this morning.

What happened to the cool me?!?! Oh yea, she's been replaced with a suburban mom. Damn I'm all but one step away from a mini-van and bad jeans.

As I was listening to napsters "top 10 easy listening" downloads (8 out of 10 of which are Michael Buble) I came to this realization. G's playing at my toes and I'm trying to work. It's all pretty NORMAL.

Then comes Wayne Bradey. YES - he has an album and its pretty great acutally. So with the new season and my new old&wise mentality we'll be updating the Alcantarians header and a new song is below.

but don't go crazy we're still anti meds / vax / cook from scratch / make cleaners / drink goats milk / have many homeopathic remedies / love our wood toys / waldorf dolls / etc etc

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