Monday, November 17, 2008

Closer to TWO

As of 6:06 this morning my BABY is closer to 2 years old now than she is one. Like one wasn't hard enough to swallow. but TWO.

Although the signs are there. She's a whole little kid now. I can't get over her joking. Sometimes i find myself confused because i think she can't acutally be making a funny ~ can she??

Last night for example i was getting a lil more than irratated with her lack of interest in going to bed. Of course it was our fault as we let her nap too long / too late, but whatever ~ i wanted to veg a lil before i went to sleep too. But SOMEONE wouldn't let me. Around 11 I raised my voice and said GIULIANE ~ HEAD DOWN. To which she scrunched up her lips, brought out that little pointy finger to her mouth and shhh'ed me. Yea - she shh'ed me. "Ohh your a little stinker" i said and rolled over to my side so i could silently giggle.

And just so you don't think she's only bugger to mum ~ a few weeks ago Peter had gotten on G's nerves. For what no one really remembers, but one thing is clear. When Peter repeatedly asked for kisses she said NO NO NO NONO, but when he'd grab her and kiss her and blow raspberries on her belly ~ even through the giggles she kept her lil lips tucked in her mouth so Daddy could not kiss her. Mommy fine ~ no problems. Daddy ~ lips zipped.

Even though she's a lil 'stinker' it just makes me more and more excited for the upcoming holidays.

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