Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Craftin

November's Swap theme was 'Fall'. I had quite a time thinking about what i wanted to make. Though i'm a 'sewer' so is the mom i was tasked with so i thought it might be neat to step outside my comfort zone. She had created something so unique for me (remember the bag of knitted bags) that i wanted to do the same.

I searched and searched and practiced and practiced. Till i came up with THIS.

and hee hee - i even made one for myself :)

Then ~ on to the good stuff. We got such cool stuff. I got some slippers (whee) and earings that are SO LIGHT and adorable (can you tell i've worn em a few times). G got a ball cover that ROCKS. I love the idea of having a lightweight ball that we can just bounce bounce bounce everywhere. I definatly see this as a future gift if i think i'm up to the task. Then of course ~ her precious the post below. Just a lil bummed its mini size ~ mama wants one too!

I think i might bow out for the December swap though. I'm trying to make this year's presents 80% homemade. I told someone this and she said "why bother ~ i just like to get something and be done with it" Exactly i thought...thats exactly what I don't want to do. I've spent a lot of time over the past year creating neat gifts for girls and children i hardly know and its been an amazing experience. Sure it takes a lot more effort ~ and sometimes doesn't cost any less than going to a store...and even if they don't like/need it ~ at least they know it came from my heart vs something I 'had to do'.

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trinitylou said...

Yay! I'm sooooo glad that you guys like your stuff! And I really LOVE how the tree necklace and earrings turned out. I want a set. ;)