Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adventures #2

So...uhh..not EVERY adventure has to be a GOOD one right?!?! I mean we DID ultimately have fun, but man alive.

But now i remember why we had fallen into the at home rut. Not every excursion is as easy as packing a few extra diapers, sunglasses and a good attitude.

etd: 2pm
its about 2:15 and Pete-a-lee gets a note to do something for work. NOW! (duuuude) So he does it and I whine to the world wide web of friends who will listen. Trying desperately not let my good mood falter: it's however unavoidable that as the minutes tick by, so does my patience.
3:15 - TIME TO GO
3:30 - officially on the road w/G in tow
4:00 - about 5 miles from house
4:45 - about 6 miles from house
6:00 - mama's getting REALLY PISSY
6:30 - We finally arrive at the aquarium
(note we were going to get there by 3:30 - 4ish, have a nice dinner & be at the aquarium by 6pm)
6:32 - run run run into the dolphin show: G enjoyed this part enough to make the whole trip worth it.
7:02 - down to the cafe for a lil snack before we all have melt downs (carrots & celery)
8:00 - ahhh a GREAT aquarium walk though. The night wasn't soo bad after all
8:03 - F*&$% we're lost
8:05 - ahh Johns Hopkins, how cool
8:07 - uhh VERY unsafe neighborhood
8:08 - G's first crack house raid
8:09 - I threaten Pete-a-lees life if he doesn't turn around RIGHT NOW
9:00 - back on the highway...which for those of you not familiar with DC - Baltimore, there's NOTHING to eat between the two and umm we're hungry
9:15 - G FINALLY stops screaming and falls asleep
11:00 - home. ohsweethomeiwillneverevereverleaveyouagain. I PROMISE.

But ~ like i said. We DID have a good time.
Here's G greting Daddy after he was 'stuck' up in the trees. (acutally an overlook in the jungle room) and then running down the ramp at full speed occassionally tellin us to 'comeon guys'.

Clockwise: Mum & G at the dolphin tank ~ an attempt at a family pic on the escalator ~ DINNER ~ new friends

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