Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pittsburgh's Going to the SUPERBOWL!


So this past Sunday we were sitting at home, watchin the game and just generally hangin out. We had been wearing our Steelers gear all day and got quite a few nice compliments ~ which i must say surprised me living so close to Bmore.

Anyhoo - the first tedious quarter was over (i mean really could it have been any more boring of a game after the Phili & Ariz?) ~we decided to head upstairs. Our neighbor to the north is quite the Steelers fanatic. Add that they have a new puppy and that pretty much just spells entertainment. G entertained herself most of the time by getting kisses from the puppy to throwing puppy toys and chasing them herself. During their down time ~ G took advantage of the best seat in the house. Mona took it in great stride because i think it meant she could hang on the couch.

When G wasn't stealing Mona's bed ~ she was playing in her crate. I mean a toy box that has a door so the balls can't get out??? What a dream!

So Aunt Jude ~ this ones for you. Your neice i mean. She won't eat meat and likes to sleep in dog beds. Heavan help me.

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Desiree said...

MY hubby is way excited about the steelers! :)