Friday, January 16, 2009

Adventures In Mommy-ing

So while we were away on Christmas vacation, we felt the need for a mini vacation. (don't we all sometimes!) So we took the day and went up to the local ski resort. No we didn't ski, we just roamed around. It was a beautiful sunny day and I just wanted to get O-U-T. We had a BLAST! Daddy & Mommy had a few drinks and G even got a special treat (ohhh ice cubes!). We watched the skiiers and sat drenching ourselves in the sun till we got too chilly then made our way inside. We had a few more drinks ~ a snack (stupid stupid shrimp) and met some great people. Only in Pittsburgh can you find a random association with each person at the table your sitting with.

And so even though I don't normally do this sorta's my new years resolution:
1 Family 'Adventure' per month

Next Stop ~ Baltimore Acquarium. TONIGHT!!! (wheee)

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Amanda said...

Love the idea of family adventures every month. We are going on one tomorrow. :)