Wednesday, January 07, 2009


(and no, I'm not calling you names!)

WE'RE BAA-ACK! AAhhhh to be home again. Its fan-flippin-tastic. While spending almost 2 weeks with family is nice, i ain't gonna grates on you a bit. (sorry folks, but you know its true)

CHRISTMAS - rocked.
no seriously, this was the beginning of FUN with kids. G actively enjoyed opening presents, and candy - oh lord does this child love candy. My sister is amazing and got G a BOX. Yup folks you know how everyone says 'the kid would be just as happy with a box to play in'...well Jude took it a step further and made lil G happier than any kid alive with just that. This box had tinsel, stickers, crayons & a peek-a-boo hole and a sidecar for her lil puppy. I was HUGE on the lets-not-be-wasteful on presents we don't have room for or need and I really couldn't have appreciated this anymore.

NEW YEARS - egh.
for the record ~ i've never been a big fan. I think any mom with kids under 5 will back me up when i say...a night of uninterrupted sleep is about as blissful as it can get. Trying to organize fun filled family activities for kids ranging in age from not. Soo umm...I napped and left Daddy with a list of ideas that he wonderfully executed. I did wake up around 11 (to be friendly) and play a few games & toast with grape juice. Then promptly went back to bed about 12:14. WHOO HOO.

KID TIME - solid GOOD.
We always have a few issues but thats to be expected when you only see your steps on a limited basis, but as they get older it gets SOO MUCH easier. G has permanent friends/babysitters ~ they can entertain themselves (for the most part) and as far as photography goes...what pre-teenage girl is going to turn down make up and a fancy camera?? Seriously - they woulda been happy with a 'shoot' every single day.

so this year I took the homemade pledge. I've been crafting for strangers for almost a year now and really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them though the swap process. Then one day it struck me ~ why don't i spend the same amount of time, love & consideration on those that i really love and care about. It seemed ridiculous. My talents are rather limited and thus this year was deemed the 'Year of the Apron' ~ BUT i am proud of what I accomplished and feel that most people got it and were honored by the gift of thought. (no worries, there WILL be a post of it all so i can brag a lil bit more)

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