Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Craft Swap

This is becoming one of my favorite 'hobbies'. Another month, another swap.

This time I made bibs galore. The theme was earthtones, so obviously the brown bib was the one I made for the swap. As well as a black flowered one that isn't pictured. The cute lil froggy one I made for a friend and was my first time making the bib pocket. I think i'm the only person who thinks the pockets are useless b.c. everytime someone sees the bibs i make they say "oohhh and if you added a pocket, it would be awwesome" Sooo I tried it. It wasn't much more work & it does look cute. I can't wait to see if the mom likes the 'awesome' pocket...but it'll be awhile as baby isn't due for a few more weeks yet ;)

My received craft is AMAZING. Its a bag made from BAGS. Plastic grocery bags. Doesn't it look like a regular straw beach bag?!?!? This mom had a grandparent pass, her husband in the hospital and 2 toddlers to take care of and yet found the time to try something obviously very unique and new to her. I can't wait to put my recycled bag to good use....and perhaps learn how to knit one myself!

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