Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Daddy's Day!

This weekend I found myself in a very exciting place. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. My man, G and I traveled to Annapolis for my first professional wedding shoot. Since Annapolis is such a cool place and it was fathers day weekend ~ how could we not take advantage and make a 'mini break' out of it. Soo thats just what we did.

Fri night we drove the 60 miles in 130 minutes to our lil vacation Oasis. We did drive by's of the places i needed to go and more importantly went to the best German Restaurant ever. Giuliane impressed everyone with her behavior as we enjoyed our beer, wurst & schnitzel and even took a few daring bites...clearly liking some things better than others.

The next morning we stolled down to the coffee shop by the water and just enjoyed a few hours together before I had to take off for my duties. It was a long 8 hour workday, but when 'work' is amidst one of the happiest moments of a person's life, aboard a 74' sailboat, in the sun occassionally having a cocktail or two ~ 'work' just sorta takes on a new meaning. I enjoyed every moment and hope to be doing this MUCH more as time marches on.

THEN as if the weekend weren't cool enough on Sunday I waxed nostagic about this place I went with MY Daddy eons ago that I was eager to find. I knew we sailed from Annapolis to St. Michaels, so that was the direction we took on land. It was really a snipe hunt, but can you believe i *think* we found the acutal place!!! We had a few drinks by the bar then ordered crabs galore. G got corn on the cob because i've found it to be the best meal time babysitter and we had yet another costal retreat.

Finally we made the trek back home, which was acutally welcome after all of the running around. We clearly went a lil overboard this past weekend ~ but isn't that what life's all about???


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