Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Green Our Vaccines!

So this morning at 7:30am Peter, G & I left for DC and the Green our Vaccine Rally.

The rally was organized primarily by TACA (talk about curing autism) and Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey. The goal was to get legislation to understand that we want CLEAN vaccines ~ real medical studies (not owned by the pharm industry) ~and a reassesment the current vaccination schedule. The emphasis was not anti-vaccine, but honest communication and working towards BETTER schedules & vaccines.

The group met at the Washington Monument. When we arrived there were prob 2,000 people already in line. Just walking past them to get at the end of the line made me sick to my stomach. The posters ~ OH THE POSTERS. Sooo many sad stories. 'HiB vax caused the seizures, seizures caused my death' ~ empty stollers with funeral flowers and childrens pictures. SOOOOOOOooooo many autistic children and here i was with my healthy baby. I couldn't get enough of her kisses and i just cried and cried.

Once in line we took a few min to gather ourselves, and finally began chatting with those around us. One family from PA was there with their 2 mos old. They have a 7 y.o. highly functioning son at home. They began vax'ing their 5 y.o. son, but then something clicked and they stopped when they started to see some all too familiar signs of withdrawl in him. Another group of moms in from Ohio ~ a bunch from Boston. And then there was the man in a very nice suit. He was there alone, bluetooth on his ear and i was DYING to know more. So i engaged him in conversation with the group near us. He worked for a gov't agency (he wouldn't specify which) and had a 5 year old autistic daughter. His wife had wanted to delay / skip the immunizations and he pressured her into going with the doctors recommendation. He said the guilt he feels every day that he gets to leave the house while his wife is at home with their daughter is the worst punishment for him. Every time i tunred around there was another family ~ another sick / passed child.

Finally the march started. It went from the Washington Monument to the Capitol Building ~ right past the Department of Health and Human Services. We slowed and stood in front of the Dept HHS for about 5-10 min. Everyone chanted - "too many, too soon" - till the chant moved to "Shame on You". Parents laid down their funeral arrangements and pictures on the curb of the building as their own security stood strong and clear that no one was to dare step foot on the HHS property.

Once we had reached the capitol building we were welcomed by speakers and listened to them. A few doctors spoke, Robert F Kennedy Jr (who looks EXACTLY like his father), Jim Carrey & of course Jenny McCarthy. A lot of the imformation was what you'd expect to hear, but it did end on a very moving note. Jenny claimed that she had done enough talking. Families came from every single one of the united states, mexico, canada & the phillipines to attend and be heard. Everyone help up their 'victim' and turned towards the news media while Otis Redding's 'A Change is Gonna Come' played.

At this point i stopped taking pictures, tossed the camera at peter, grabed my baby girl, held her sooooo tight and thanked everyone and everything that encouraged me to go with my gut...and wait.

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