Friday, June 27, 2008

Blow your Nose G

So at the request of a 'jessie' who keeps reminding me that all the mommy-cute stories i haaave to tell her, are all the little things i'm going to want to be reminded of as she grows....this ones for you!

As daycare kids tend to do ~ G often has a runny nose. Mommy has a runny nose and well Daddy likes to blow his nose. So at an early age G learned what the squares of green flannel meant when she saw em. At first she fought it, but like so many things in life she soon learned that giant green rag was coming no matter what so you better make the best of it!

You know that infamous noise thats encounted when one blows their nose? Well think about it for a minute. If your not really capable of 'blowing' your nose ~ its kinda an odd concept. Well G's started to mimic that noise with her mouth making a raspberry noise anytime someone goes to wipe her nose. Clearly this gets a phenominial reaction so now in addition to doing it when someone wipes her nose...anytime she finds an extra piece of fabric - be it dish towel, sock, yesterdays dress ~ she holds it up to her face, blows a raspberry with her mouth and walks away giggling hysterically.

god i love this kid.

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Scout798 said...

Thank you! I've totally witnessed this and it IS totally cute! :)