Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Favorite Milestone

So baby books make a big deal out of the silliest things. When a baby rolls over, first tooth ~ you know, those completely arbitrary things that parents use to judge one anothers children. Well I have one that isn't in any baby book. Well at least the 18 that we have.

The knowledge of love.

Last night Giuliane woke up about 9:30 ~ just about an hour after going to sleep. I could have ignored her and let her go on, but we had such a fun day that i didn't really want to. (plus I sorta maybe kinda was responsible since i went in to check on her) Well i made it though my lullaby repertoire a few times, stopped for a minutes to see if she was still awake, when next her prairie dog head popped up ~ looked me straight in the eye and KISSED ME! Completely unprovoked ~ She kissed me!

Of course i read too much into it, but for her to recognize that sort of emotion & respond back makes me one very happy mommy. And saddens me a bit that the Hallmark powers that be don't think it's as important as when your upper left incisor comes in.

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