Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fortune cookie for G...

and a perfect one at that...but I'll get to that later.

yes despite needing to eat better we ordered chinese. It was yummy and well... there's not much in the house after all the travelling we've done lately. Peanut ate combo fried rice, a steamed dumpling and a spare rib. Right off the bone...classic G.

Dinner over it's not time for the cookies. I grab all 3 (this is Dad by the way) and put them in front of G who takes 1. It was actually a surprise that she didn't take ALL 3. Then Jenn and the last one for me. G takes a bite and hands the cookie so mom can retrieve the note. as I said before...perfect.

"You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life."

This sums up our little G...the girl who smiles with her eyes.

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