Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Mama Mia!!!

Με σκοτώστε παρακαλώ !!!

(that would be KILL ME PLEASE) OMG OMG OMG that could have been the most miserable movie EVER. Ok - so admittingly i never wanted to see this movie in the first place. But...it was Monday Movie night with the girls and i'm making an attempt to let others think the world doesn't always have to revolve around me ~ so I happily obliged. Well, last time folks!

One sweet girl suggested that perhaps I'm not so into musicals. Nope - there isn't a show tune out there I don't know.

Perhaps I just wasn't in the mood? I was DRUNK ~ i had dirty martini's for heavans sake and no dinner. If this isn't the best possible way to get in a silly mood ~ i don't know what is!

So I ask myself. J you KNEW it was going to be cheesy ~ you KNEW instinctually that it wasn't your cup of tea...why are you soo shocked at how horrible it was?

Two Words. "Man Boobs"

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