Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our First Graduate

After 37 (or so) hours of incredible labor Peter & I are proud to introduce the cutest graduate baby one could ever ask for of the Bradley Method.

But perhaps her parents deserve a lil of the credit! They are one amazing couple. They may not have had the exact birth they were wishing for but man-oh-man did they make us proud. In reading their birth story they are why we are soo happy about teaching. They knew how to read their labor, they knew when to stay home, and later - when to ask to come back home. They knew different positions for relaxation, for labor and for pushing; They knew how to stimulate contractions when the body got tired, and most importantly they knew the cause and effects of the sometimes necessary interventions and how to deal with it all making the most important decisions for a healthy mom and baby.

Of course it wasn't my body ~ but i'd say that sweet lil thing was totally worth it!

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