Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So how is this for interesting.

My name is Jenn and I have hypothyroidism. I could go on and rant about how little people understand this disease, how it is often overlooked for laziness and eating too much or too poorly or how its dumped into a 'fat person' problem and ignored.

But folks ~ its real and it sucks. REAL BAD.

So frustrated with the hormone replacements I'm making an appointment with an acupuncture dude and really starting to get on that diet bandwagon. And by diet - i don't mean DIET - i mean eating certain foods and minerals and skipping others.

Anyhoo i'm getting to the interesting part I swear.

It's recommended that I increase my intake of selenium. Its an antioxidant trace mineral that is essential for converting the thyroid hormone your body produces, T4, into its active form, T3. The highest source of selenium is found in...BRAZIL NUTS.
Yes, it is in other things as well (almost everything really), but the distribution is absurdly skewed.

Brazil nuts, for those of you not in the know ~ are the one and ONLY thing i am like DEATHLY allergic to. For example, I walk past them in the grocery store and my throat gets all tight. Lord forbid should I accidentally ingest some dust ~ i need benadryl within 3 minutes. An actual nut ~ call 911.

Soooo what if i don't really have this lovely autoimmune disorder?!?! What if I am allergic to selenium and/or it just doesn't do its duty in my body?

Functionally this means a whole lotta nothing. (but is crazy interesting, no?) Just another piece of my health puzzle I've get to figure out what the picture is.

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