Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bubbles - EWE

So for Valentines day G(in addition to a fabulous weekend away with mommy & daddy) got bubbles for her bathtub.

G LOOOOOOOVES bath time and at even the slighted mention of a tub or a wispered hush of "bath" sends her barreling down the hall striping like a coed in Cancun on their way to a bladder buster.

Peter and I have discussed bubble bath for her, but after one look at the ingredients, you sorta give up and say...'someday ~ maybe later'. But we found a packet of harmless-enough stuff and decided to give it a try.

The whole time G & I were filling up the tub we were giggling about BUBBLES and how much FUN it was going to be. Well as it turns out ~ it wasn't really all that fun. Apparently bubbles are kinda scary the first time you take a tub and having them up to your chin isn't the 'easiest introduction' to them either.


"what. is. this. stuff."

"no really mum, get this crap off me"

"ok, if i let you take a picture will you help THEN??"

"and now your laughing...i really don't like you"

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Oh too funny! Poor girl :(
Maybe she will learn to love them?