Thursday, February 26, 2009

i'm baa-ack

So holy cow!

Who woulda thunk that working outside the home would leave you with NO TIME to goof off on the net!?!?

I was on a contract for two-whole weeks that had me in the office at 7am but thankfully out by 3. It was great / horrible. I really enjoyed being DONE when I left the "office" ~ i really enjoyed getting back into the gym ~ and i really enjoyed getting out of the house and talking to other folks now and again.

Of COURSE i hated getting up at 5:45 and missing my baby in the AM. That.Just.Sucked. And it was sorta high stress, but thats sorta a plus too. I kinda thrive in that environment.

But its all for not anyhow ~ as they canceled the contract as hastily as they entered into it. Thus my life is to return back to 'normal'.

(but i did get up at 7am today to begin work and if i can get to the gym today i'll be a ROCKSTAR!)

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