Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dare I say it???


This past weekend we went to Berkley Springs and had a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful weekend. It (like everything) took us longer than planned to get there, but once we were actually there it was fabulous.

Friday Night – we went to Earthdog CafĂ©: BBQ. It has some seriously awesome food and was the perfect small town mom & pop shop to welcome us to Berkeley Springs. At one point, Giuliane had the whole restaurant in stitches as we walked to the bathroom to wash her messy messy hands and face. (no she wasn’t finished eating ~ it was apparently just halftime) I asked her to hold her ands up so she wouldn’t bump anyone’s purses, jackets etc, so she continued to walk through the looooong restaurant with her hands in the air like she was being arrested. BUT as she walked, hands up, in pigtails and BBQ all over her she would do a lil wave and say “hi” to those who looked at her as we passed. She LOVED all the attention and I swear slowed down a lil bit with each step as we were walking so Lil Miss America could eat up all the attention.

Saturday – was the BIG day. For anyone unfamiliar with it ~ Berkeley Springs is a State Park /Spa combo. What’s that you say? Exactly. Confusing, but you’ll see what I mean in a minute. Historic natural springs come out of the ground at 74 something degrees. Apparently even back in ol’ George Washington’s time he used to enjoy the water around these parts and thus the baths were made. In fact the town was originally incorporated as BATH, West Virginia. The original bathhouse on location was built in 1787ish. This building houses large roman baths and a museum of tubs on the top floor (closed during our visit) The parks building was built in 1929ish and is where the Victorian tubs are and Massages (yes that deserves a capitol M). Pete-a-lee made our appointments via phone, but let me tell you ~ there are NO signs telling you were to register / check in etc. So if you do go ~ tell us and we’ll discuss.

All in all the experience was delightful. I mean obviously it was no Nemacolin Woodlands, but in a certain way ~ it was more relaxing in a rustic laid back sort of way. All sex segregated (except the original bathhouse) The women attendants chatted about while we soaked in our tubs and even that was soothing in a maternal childlike way. The massage was in a darker room in the back with the separate tables separated by an elbow high wall and curtains. It felt very old world and communal. And I liked it.

Sunday – took our time and traveled the back roads home. We hit just about every antique store along the way and I bought some completely unnecessary gems. THEN (again with the caps ~ I know) we stopped randomly for a cup of coffee at “Tropical Island Coffee Shop”. I of course made fun of the name as I wiped the snowflakes from my nose. Little did I know ~ it was owned by a Jamaican man from Kingstown. OH MY GOD did the food smell good. It was prob 10:30am and all I really wanted was coffee. Peter was in the car with Giuliane who was sleeping but I knew he'd be pissed if he missed this place. Debating...debating...I get our coffee's, coke in a bottle, and a meat pie that was up front. Come back to the car and Peter literally sniffs me and tells me I smell amazing. I bring out the meat pie and in seconds G's awake and it’s GONE.

10:30 am and we're debating weather or not to eat lunch!!! So we take a walk around town...and about an hour later finally decide that its an acceptable time to return to Island Coffee for lunch. I had jerk chicken with some sauce on top that was ridiculously good and Peter had a curried goat. The owner was fantastic and we told him next time we're even close to driving through we'd be stopping by with tupperware in our hands.

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