Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Adventures!

This month we had not one, but TWO adventures.

The first one was more of a mommy & daddy adventure! Can you image?!?! Yes, I can assure you ~ they DO exist! Anyhoo - my brother got married and with his fiance ~ (now better known as 'Aunt NINA') had they had the most fanflippintastic wedding weekend. For three nights in a row we got to play (and by play I mean drink) And although i can proudly say I wasn't as easy as it was when i was 20. Not by a looong shot!

(watch out ~ the next shot is pretty riske) -- haha or not.

THEN the weekend after we drove down to the Sheandoah Mountains to visit Peter's sister & family. It was an awesome day trip. Complete with mountain views, swimming and tempting Vera Bradley bags. Although I didn't take a single picture while we were there. I did manage to snap a few as we were heading out the door.

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Peter said...

fun times no matter what we do. but I do want more of that food from Your Inner yummy!