Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother’s little helper! (and…Daddy’s too)

So our little Pnut wants to be a part of the action no matter what we do. Sometimes I just want to get things done but then I realize she just wants to help, so even if it takes a little more time it’s worth it. Just watching her smile as she struggles to carry a small bag, or my grill scraper, or the cooler; yes she grabbed the handle of our quite large cooler with wheels and walked out towards the truck! She just really wants to help and be a part of everything and it’s awesome.

Friday was grilling night. Jen set outa blanket and opened a bottle of wine (Our new favorite, Pancake Cellars 2007 Big Day White, small price with a big yummy taste), and I fired up the coals. It was a beautiful night and as the sun was setting, Jenn read while I started to grill the squid. Pnut was at the picnic table with the plates from the cooler and was setting them out for each of us, along with forks and knives too! Jen’s and mine on one side of the table and hers across from ours. All the while muttering mommy, daddy, ME…mommy’s pate, daddy’s pate, ME pate.

Saturday we were back out at our "farm" to weed and pick up rocks so that we could harvest Asparagus. Yep...she was right next to Mom and Dad picking up rocks and tossing them into a large pile.

Fast forward to Sunday and we were cleaning or doing something other than watching our little girl. She was entertaining herself as usual and I hear plastic and clicking and she’s muttering again. I had to see what was up. She had found the plastic cups from the night before and had set out 3 on the coffee table. With an empty water bottle shewas “filling” up the 3 cups for Mommy, Daddy and ME! Amazed and pleased that our little G is happy, content, and filled with love for her family. I wonder if we can keep this up all the way through her teens. A father can hope.


~jenn said...

lol- we musta posted at EXACTLY the same time.

Peter said...

WE DID! we rock!