Monday, April 27, 2009

Elephants use dirt and hay as a natural sunscreen

So why can't G???

At least this seems to be her theory. Of course this weekend was extra messy with a trip to 'our' farm to harvest the rock gardens and gather some asparagus. (ohh and for those of you who remember my oath...FRESH DOESN'T STINK! i don't know how or why, but thanks to Pete-a-lee who pointed it out. Men, right?!?)

Ok so back to Pigpen. I know we were at a farm, i KNOW we gardened, but seriously...seriously ~ how does it get everywhere? Including Mom?

and why? Why is is sooooo important to keep my lil gringa SLATHERED in sunscreen when all it does it attract dirt from miles and miles away? HELLO G ~ your DAD IS CUBAN & ITALIAN ~ and your brother and sisters ALL tan nicely.

Not that i'd let you tan at barely two years of age...but a mom can dream right?

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